Why BI professionals should believe in Aliens

I am pretty serious about this one, not because I believe in UFOs or any other extra-terrestrial theory but because as a DBA who implements Business Intelligence solutions for companies it’s hard to ignore the facts. Business Intelligence systems are all about identifying patterns and sets within existing data. When performing data mining we split the set into the actual data and test it and compare to understand if our model predicts accurately. Keeping this in mind if my query returned something like this for the population of the earth by gender







You obviously know that above data is wrong, however, if you were on an island prison full of males you probably would assume the data is correct.

Now if we take the total number of star and galaxies in the universe the table looks like below



No life


Has Life


Keep in mind the above table only depicts the stars and not planets within those solar systems that are currently active not the once that are burnt out or the new ones created which we don’t know about yet. My point being that there are rules or standards for everything, even for things that seem random still follow some boundary conditions within which they operate. For example, even the roll of a dice still equates to one of 6 values not more than that and it always has a value, so nature is not random. The fact that there are so many other stars and they all have similar or explainable makeups indicate that the rules that apply on Earth also apply 100 million light years away too. So if the rules are the same then the results while seemingly random will still fit within the same boundary conditions, so we should have life on other planets as well else Business Intelligence means nothing at the macroscopic level. This would be kind of like saying what happens at the quantum mechanics level do not apply to how light can move a spacecraft in orbit and the two are not related. We just haven’t found the unifying model yet. But more on that some other time.

All it takes for life in the universe is a probability of .0000000000000000000001 and I am sure nature can manage that.

Fascinated read more about the Fermi paradox online.

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