When it’s an Emergency, what do you do ?

I recently needed to send a courier on a very urgent basis to a friend of mine and was stuck on how to do it. Time was critical and it was a Saturday evening. I went to a number of courier services such as DTDC and BLUE DART but was informed that the pickups for the day were already completed. If I had given the courier the same day morning it would still reach the destination only by Monday afternoon. Since it was evening the couriers would reach only by Tuesday morning.

However there is one option available or those who can’t wait. Airlines often have a courier outlet at each airport. This facility is usually used by large organizations to send deliveries to their customers I was informed that companies like Madrua Fashion and Lifestyle (makers of Louis Phillpe etc) as well as Flipkart use these services. I called up Indigo since they provide a service to the city in question and are known for promptness and customer service. I was informed the departure times of the flights on Sunday and then simply need to visit the airport and fill up the required paper work.

While this option is a bit more expensive than the normal courier service it was worth it since the courier reached a full 24 hours before anybody else could have delivered it. This is more a public service post to ensure people are aware that there are options even on a Sunday.

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