Another DMV that is available in SQL server 2012 is the sys.dm_db_log_space_usage DMV, this DMV is useful when trying to decide the current state of the Log file. And if there is any use trying to shrink the database. This DMV could also help the DBA understand if the log file is constantly running out of space and therefore needing to auto grow. The main use however would be to understand how much space can be reclaimed in the case the DBA decides to shrink database the database.

However since this information on its own is not very useful it seems that the better approach would be to use data collectors or another tools if you’re really looking to understand the log file usage of the system.

Like most of the other DMVs release with this version of SQL the DMV itself is quite simple and unhelpful unless combined with some knowledge of internals and the other DMVs that needs to be used in addition to this one.

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