SSAS: – Securing Analysis Services – Part 2

In the previous posts we added a server level administrator to Analysis services. This administrator was able to make changes to server settings and also make changes to any database hosted on the server. Now we need to create a database admin. The idea with the database admin is to create someone who is similar to “dbo” in the traditional database. We can do this by following the below steps

Navigate to the ROLES folder within the SSAS database that was created

Right click the Roles folder and choose new role

Enter a name for the role such as DatabaseAdmin and select the checkbox for Full control.

Next we need to add the user account who will be the database admin for the database in question. Select the membership option from the left hand side menu , click Add , enter the user account that will be granted admin permissions and then press OK ( refer the previous post on how to do this).

Because the user is a database admin all the remaining menu options on the left hand side menu are greyed out by default. This means they have compete permissions on cube, data sources, Cell data, dimensions, mining structures etc. In the below screenshot you can see that I have logged in using the SSAS account and this time the database called restore example is not visible.

If you get the below error when connecting using the new account you need to change the language from Default to English in order to view the cube data.

XML for Analysis Parser: The locale identifier property is not over writable and cannot be assigned a new value.

We often assign database admins within a server as the business user might need to make changes, or deploy changes frequently at which point it would be a hassle to contact the server admin frequently.

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