SQL Cuppa Sessions

If you have been following me on LinkedIn recently you must have seen this update.

Looking forward to having some fun SQL conversations, especially on what people think of SQL 2016 so far. One of the questions I have been asked is “How will we recognize you”? (I don’t have a lot of pics on the internet). Well if you can answer the below question then you have your answer.

SELECT CHAR(87) + CHAR(72) + CHAR(73) + CHAR(84) + CHAR(69) + CHAR(32) + CHAR(70) + CHAR(79) + CHAR(82) + CHAR(77) + CHAR(65) + CHAR(76) + + CHAR(32) + CHAR(83) + CHAR(72) + CHAR(73) + CHAR(82) + CHAR(84)


SELECT 'Nickname of famous pirate whose name was Edward Teach'

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