SQL Cuppa – A new skype handle and logo

Recently I tried to start a thing every Friday where database folks get together and chat over coffee or some other beverage. The intention was to share knowledge and experience among the community and get to meet your peers. As with most first attempts it didn’t go as expected but I did learn a lot of lessons from it. This time around there is a new handle on skype (SQLCuppa) where you can add me and we can start the conversation anytime. Also because it’s over the internet I am hoping it will be a convenient option to get the conversations flowing. So why are we doing this? Here are a few reasons:-

  • It’s a good way to learn new stuff
  • Explore new opportunities and challenges that you might not face in your current organization- see how others are using MS SQL.
  • Because Social networking is overrated- I have over 700 DBAs networked on LinkedIn, I know 1 % of them personally/professionally.
  • It’s just fun with the right people
  • Exchange ideas


Check out the logo (done using PowerPoint) , if you see this logo anywhere , say at the airport , a café or even in your office , please drop by and say hello J

Here are few things these sessions are not about

  • Self-promotion – in all its forms

Here is a link to the first announcement.

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