SQL 2019 – Christmasql

Early November I had posted I would be conducting a series of sessions on MS SQL server. The response was really great and while I intended to do a classroom session the interest was primarily for online delivery. So I will be arranging the first half of it this in the coming 10 days.

Here is what’s lined up for the first session of 2 hours

Security in SQL Server

Active Security

  • Cell level encryption
  • Transparent data encryption
  • Hashing vs Encryption
  • Always Encrypted (no using secure enclaves , don’t have the lab setup for it yet)
  • Principle of least privileges
  • Row level security

Passive Security

  • Database Audits
  • Server level audit
  • DDL triggers
  • Dynamic data masking

Backups and Restore

  • Backup encryption
  • Restoring encrypted backups and backups/Restores of databases using features like TDE, Cell level encryption etc.

If time permits how this changes with Azure SQL PaaS

You must be thinking isn’t a lot to cover in just 2 hours? Yes! Which is why like all my trainings it’s going to be less spoon feeding and more understanding the concepts so that participants can try things out for themselves later.

Obviously there are other aspects to security like Proxies, credentials, msdb roles, Common Criteria etc. which we won’t be able to get into in this session but I’ll try and answer some questions if time permits.

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