SQL 2014 Series

Starting today we are launching a new series on topics related to SQL Server 2014. Free videos and tutorials on key new features as well as some interesting changes compared to how we used to do things in previous versions. But first things first, what is actually new and features to look out for?

Memory-Optimized Tables: Entire tables in memory, speeds up data access by up to 30 times. Stay tuned for our benchmark on OLTP and DW systems under different workloads.

Backup and Restore Enhancements: – Backup to the cloud, already seeing a lot of demand of this option with SME looking to cut costs of data centre management. For those who need DR without the extra HW

Delayed Durability: We can’t wait to test this out. No more write Latency?

Columnstore Indexes: Something that should have been available since 2012, but glad they got it fixed. Now we can really start using CS indexes.

Buffer Pool Extension: Glorified version of ready boost? We’ll see. But if it is even half as good as it promises to be we could be ushering in the age no Hard disks very soon.

Resource Governor Enhancements for Physical IO Control: Might not sound like much but IO has always been one of the most critical aspects of server performance and the DBA should have been able to control it in RG a long time back.

The astute reader might notice that most of the key features are around performance improvement not surprising considering the huge jump in the amount of data being stored over the last 8 years. Sign of things to come?

More here: – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510411(v=sql.120).aspx

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