Restoring the database using TSQL command and backup stored in URL

In this post we cover the T-SQL command used to restore the database from the backup URL

FROM URL = 'https://ebsclouddbstore.blob.core…….madworks_backup.bak' WITH CREDENTIAL = 'Azureblobbackups'
    ,STATS = 5 -- use this to see monitor the progress

The output shows the time taken to restore the database, a sloppy 2 seconds for a file that’s just 3MB in size. It gets worse the larger the database so make sure you test your network latency and timeouts before you start implementing this solution.

38 percent processed.

77 percent processed.

100 percent processed.

Processed 328 pages for database ‘madworks’, file ‘madworks’ on file 1.

Processed 3 pages for database ‘madworks’, file ‘madworks_log’ on file 1.

RESTORE DATABASE successfully processed 331 pages in 1.559 seconds (1.656 MB/sec).

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