Proof that MS SQL Server is the better relational database

I am probably going to start a war with this one but I need to set the record straight. Often in my trainings I have a mix of MS SQL Folks as well as Oracle folk. The training usually takes a detour on which is the better relational database platform. While I have been a MS SQL guys all through my career I have tried to be objective about the pros and cons of each system. However I have always relied on the below website to prove my point when it comes to databases. is a non-profit organization aimed at providing an industry standard to measure performance of hardware and software at the enterprise level. Hardware and software vendors constantly compete for the top position as a validation of their configuration and capability.

The below screen shot shows the top 10 configurations of the new TPC E benchmark which simulates a financial brokerage firm with people buying and selling stocks etc. Notice how the top 10 is dominated by MS SQL Server 2012 and 2014 on different hardware vendors. However I must call out that the better performance comes at a cost higher than Oracle on Linux systems which is kind of expected and not really a deterrent for a company looking to implement a High performance database system.

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