OH MS …. Why you keep shooting yourself in the foot? …. I will never understand

Those who know me also know I am an ardent supporter of Microsoft. These guys came up with Mobile OS, tablets, MP3 players and much more; long before they became coveted items of self-indulgence. But one thing Microsoft has also been able to do is take a seemingly bright idea and then turn it into a complete disaster. Once again this has been highlighted by the extremely complicated and unintuitive way that they have created the Azure portal. Even the different service provided under Azure is a far cry from the simple and easy to use interface of AWS.

Only Microsoft can take a simple VM or image and turn it into a complicated death trap of instructions that are hard to follow and don’t work as expected in the end. I think the problem is MS has too many engineers who take for granted that everybody should be able to read their mind and understand their intentions.

Everyday it becomes a little bit more difficult to love Microsoft and it’s disappointing the way they can’t learn from their mistakes or their competitors. I am sure this is how dinosaurs got extinct.

I still love MS despite the above rant because they do get things right and so far the pros outweigh the cons.

PS: – I wrote this post a long time back and decided not to post it to give MS a chance, Guess what? They messed up again.

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