MSBI at the Airport

I was recently at Bangalore International Airport and while waiting for a flight was looking for a way to pass the time. I noticed there is an fnb (food and Beverage outlet) on the first floor hidden discreetly from all the others. For those not familiar with BIAL the departure gates are on 2 floor. Gates 1-2 and 6-15 are on the second floor and Gates 3-5 are on the first floor. I was wondering how the discussion on rent must have gone between the owner of the outlet and the authorities from BIAL.

Owner: – I need a much more discounted rate since I am losing out customers who travel from the other gates. A total of 11 gates.

BIAL: – Can’t do that in fact we want to charge you more since you have exclusive access to all passengers travelling from gates 3-5 as you’re the only outlet there.

While we can’t know for sure who won, I am guessing there was some sort of compromise made. So the question I needed to ask what the deciding factors were.

The lack of TVs and any other form of entertainment makes this first floor gate an ideal place for any eatery. On a side not the food was reasonably priced and good to eat; I guess the volumes help keep the prices low but I can’t be sure.

My point with this blog is BI is everywhere all it takes is a person looking out for it.

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