Introduction to PowerBI

The Covid 19 situation has been tough for pretty much everyone and a lot of careers have come to an abrupt stop. If you feel your career opportunities are hampered by the lack of a particular skill I would like to help by providing a 3 hour introductory course to PowerBI.

Why PowerBI?

It’s almost zero coding so anybody can learn it. I personally use it to keep track of my personal expenses and in the last year alone have cut my expenses drastically. PowerBI has become the industry standard for reporting in the last few years. It’s a powerful tool and most importantly easy to learn. A number of companies have adopted it in the past few years and it’s almost guaranteed they will have a PowerBI role within the organization. It will take about 1 hours to create something useful and that’s why you should learn it. If your career has been paused for some reason or your growth opportunities limited because of a lack of new skills this is the perfect opportunity to learn an exciting new technology with zero Coding. It’s practically free.

Why You?

No matter which industry your working in there will be a need to get fast, accurate and easy to read data. Even if you aren’t working you can use PowerBI to get a handle on your expenses and identify where your money is being spent. I use it to identify my tax liability at the yearend as well. You could be a student, homemaker or a CEO and there will be a use case for PowerBI. This session is mostly hands on and aimed to beginners. Any Windows laptop with about 6 GB of RAM will be sufficient. Having MS Excel is a Plus.

Why Me?

It doesn’t have to be me. I am doing this pro bono and because I feel strongly about how careers have been thrown off track by a sudden worldwide event. I was fortunate to be able to not just survive but thrive during the recession in 2008. Since then I haven’t taken my job for granted because I saw too many good people being laid off not because of anything wrong with them. This is just my attempt to help those affected by Covid. There is no marketing no registration nothing. Come if you want to learn and hopefully in 3 hours I’ll be able to teach you enough PowerBI to use in daily life and get you fired up if you want to pursue a career in it.

How to attend?

Just drop me a mail at jayanth (dot) kurup (at) G mail (dot). Com and I’ll send out the invite once we reach 20 participants. Subject PowerBI 2020. If there are more than 20 participants I’ll try and arrange more batches as quickly as possible to make sure I cover everyone.

If you chose not to attend that’s fine just make sure to learn a new skill either way.

This is what a basic PowerBI Report looks like

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