How would you get the most out of 10 Rs?

Today, we were chatting about efficiency and how it is different from utilization and we thought we would conduct a poll about it. So here is the background. Utilization simply means consumption e.g. you can burn up 40 ltr of petrol every week but how efficient are you i.e. How much distance did you travel?

Simply speaking I can write a blog of 1000 words and still not have any meaningful content in it or I can tweet a sentence and it could change a person’s life. The same thing goes for time; you utilize 8 hours a day in office, the question is how many hours are actually efficient (where work gets done)? This brought us to the next question. If we lived efficiently which would be most important thing to be efficient about?

  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy – Fuel, power, etc.
  • Relationships – confused? A million Facebook friends don’t count against the one person who you can depend on.

The human body is a perfect example of efficiency, we extract the most amount of energy for our biomass, our brain is the most compact and yet more powerful computing machine there is.

We figured money is the best bet for everybody since better use of money promises to give the best results to society as a whole. So what would you do if you were given 10 Rs, how would you make the most out of it? Why 10 Rs, because 1 is too little and 100 is too much for any creative answers. The best answer will win a free book on any technology topic they want as long as it doesn’t cost more than 500 Rs on Flipkart.

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