FREE PowerBI session – Batch 2

It’s time for the next batch of PowerBI Sessions. This is a 3 hour free PowerBI Session for those whose careers have been affected by #Covid or those who feel their careers have slowed down in recent years and would like a relevant in demand skill. In this session we will be creating the below report which uses a bank statement to help understand and analyzes income and expense patterns. Using Dummy data we answer questions like

How much did I make?

How much did I spend?

On what did I spend the money?

Is there a trend in my expenses?

Are things getting better or worse?

How am I faring this year compared to last year?

And much more…

If you would like to attend the next batch scheduled for 5th Sept 2020 please use this form so that I know how to reach you. The session is expects you to be creating the report, it’s not going to be death by PPT but hands-on (come prepared).

Feedback from the last session

Thank you very much for the training, it was really great and you are
a wonderful teacher.
Even though I work with power BI I still learned some new points.

Thanks for the session today. Session was well structured and explained well in the given time frame. Thanks once again for introducing us to Power BI and I was indeed excited to see the practical use cases of tool.

Thanks a lot for the session Jayanth.

Had some concerns related to Power BI most of which have got cleared through your session.

Will explore further and look to apply this for some of the reports in my organization.

It was a wonderful session yesterday.Thanks for organising.

This is great, thank you so much!

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