Drill through Reports

In the below report we are fetching the column that are present within a particular table by Entering the table name as an Input parameter. This works fine if all we are interested in is this report. What if we want to first start at a higher level such as the tables that belong to the database and then on clicking a particular table name within the report we get a list of Columns belonging to that table displayed in another report.

In this report we get a list of Tables

Right click the Table Name Cell within the designer view as shown below and select text box properties.

Go to Action on the Left hand side menu and select Go To Report

Enter the details such as the report to navigate to and then add the mapping for the parameters

E.g. here we are passing the value as shown in the Table_name column as the input parameter to the Columns details Report parameter TableName

Notice how we get a small had to click on the link embedded within the Table_Name Column

On selecting this value we see the Columns Details Report is rendered.

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