Doing something awesome

Do you get up in the morning thinking “It’s an awesome day. I feel like changing the world. I am going to do something amazing and it’s going to change the way I see the world and the world sees me”? If yes I know exactly how you feel, if not I have only one question for you


It’s very easy to get stuck in grind; the grind soon becomes a leash that boxes your creativity and zest. Just try this for the next 1 week, Get up in the morning, ask yourself how you feel today, then go outside and have a look at the sky and ask yourself what amazing thing I can do today. Do whatever it takes to make you feel upbeat, listen to music, workout whatever and then make a promise to not let anything dampen your spirit, make a list for the day and go after it.

If your goal oriented like me the week becomes a fast paced and extremely rewarding 7 days, if you’re more the nice and easy type you will have the luxury of seeing the world in a brand new light and it might inspire you. In the end you’re more likely to have a better day than your current routine. Try it out let me know what you think.

I used to do this for many years in my regular job and then somehow forgot but I remember now and I feel awesome.

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