Database Options – Auto Close and why should set it to OFF

Auto close is one of those features that should have been removed long back. The setting needs to stay at default of OFF for reasons that will be made obvious in this video. In this series of videos we cover each of the database options what they do and why they should be set to specific values. Understanding these options opens up a number of different ways for the DBA to tune the database but can also cause issues when implemented incorrectly. With this series we hope to dispel some myths and provide real world example on SQL Server best practices.

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Jayanth is a Microsoft SQL Server trainer / consultant with over 15 years’ experience. He has worked with companies like Microsoft, IBM, HCL, Wipro, Well Fargo, Zeomega and many more. He is based out of Bangalore and a very active member of the SQL Server Community.

In this channel he covers complex topics related MS SQL Server , PowerBI , Azure , AWS , Powershell, SSIS , SSAS , SSRS , Machine Learning , AI , etc

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