Data mining in SQL Server

While browsing thru the forums in Technet I came across a post today regarding the support for data mining in future versions of SQL. For those who are currently using SQL Server 2012 it’s already obvious that there are no new features released in the data mining space. Keep in mind that SSAS and self-service BI capability has improved greatly but not much for DM. This means that algorithms and features have remained static for the last 3 years. Further down the post however there was an answer about how a company is single headedly taking DM to the next level and driving a lot of the new developments in DM. This company is Perdixion. They offer a number of DM capabilities and are considered by many to be the company to go when looking for MS SQL Server Data Mining features. While DM is not adopted as frequently as SSAS and there are very niche set of DM requirements within and organization. It’s good to know that someone is taking the lead. Text analytics and BIG Data are catching up very quickly with social sites and mobile applications driving a lot of the growth in this field so I feel Data mining is a missed opportunity for MS.

MS will still support DM in future version however for all purposes it looks like DM is going to remain pretty much static within MS SQL Server and any company looking to implement any kind of analytics should probably explore their options before locking on any one product.

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