Using MS SQL Server to work with assemblies (CLR)

A brand new video uploaded on YouTube on how to use CLR assemblies in MS SQL Server. Please share and like and we look forward to comments. Oops !!! we forgot the link last time BTW Did you check out our new website !!! built in 24 hours it reflects our new design philosophy

Helpful post on changing wordpress site file upload limit

Recently while migrating a client’s wordpress site from to Amazon AWS we encountered a peculiar problem which should not happen in the real wolrd. The client blog has been around for about a year and had a lot of content on it. When trying to import the content into the WordPress application we encountered…


Training DBA from other countries

Technology is a universal language so training DBAs from other countries is not really a challenge when covering technical aspects. But here are a few things to keep in mind. Time zones- lunch breaks are different for different people. Office hours – Availability of daylight usually impacts office hours and typically there is a difference…