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DB Options: Auto Create Incremental Statistics ON

In this video we cover the next database option which is AUTO CREATE INCREMENTAL STATISTICS. This option is useful when the database has partitioned tables. It allows the DBA to update stats by merging the updated stats for the partition in question with existing stats. In this way DBA are able to reduce the overhead… Read More »

DB Options: Auto Create Stats and why it should be ON

Auto create stats is one of those database options that every DBA knows they should set to ON. In this video we explore what happens when you set if OFF and why having good stats is important for query optimizations. We explore the impact of not having statistics on a simple query and then cover… Read More »

Using Bookmarks in PowerBI PowerBI is a robust reporting tool that has a number of easy to use and configurable options when it comes to reporting. One of the most frequently used features in PowerBI is the bookmarks capability. A bookmark as its name suggest provides way to snapshot a report page keeping in mind the filters and… Read More »

Temp table Owner

Recently I came across a post on LinkedIn which required identifying the user who created a temp table. This is an interesting use case and thought I’d write a query of my own. The below script identifies currently logged in users who are executing queries and anytime tables that they might have created. I figured… Read More »

SQL 2019 – Christmasql

Early November I had posted I would be conducting a series of sessions on MS SQL server. The response was really great and while I intended to do a classroom session the interest was primarily for online delivery. So I will be arranging the first half of it this in the coming 10 days. Here… Read More »

SQL 2019 – Database Snapshot for In-Memory OLTP table

Traditionally Database snapshots have been used mainly to get Database mirroring secondary’s to act like Readable secondary. As you might be aware in mirroring etc. the databases are restored with no recovery. Since the transaction log file isn’t in a consistent state the database engine prevents users from querying them. However in the interest if… Read More »

Backup and restore of encryption keys and restoring

  USE master; /************************************************************* CREATE YOUR MASTER KEY AND YOUR CERTIFICATE FOR TDE AND ALL OTHER TYPES OF ENCRYPTION *************************************************************/ OPEN MASTER KEY DECRYPTION BY PASSWORD = ‘Isthis@securePa$$word?’; BACKUP MASTER KEY TO FILE = ‘c:\work\exportedmasterkey’ ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = ‘abcd@1234’; GO BACKUP CERTIFICATE MyServerCert TO FILE = ‘c:\work\MyServerCert’ WITH PRIVATE KEY ( FILE = ‘c:\work\MyServerCertKey’… Read More »

SQL 2019- Max DOP and Memory Configuration

Probably the most useless recommendation and as far as I am concerned not a feature. Why? If you are a DBA you know that DOP and Memory limits are fine-tuned based on the workload and system details. Things like concurrency OLTP vs OLAP, usage of in memory vs traditional tables Buffer pool extensions, number of… Read More »

SQL 2019- Optimize for sequential key

Last page contention is one of the textbook examples for latch contention. This frequently occurs on tables that are narrow and have high inserts happening against a sequential primary key column such as an identity column. Simply put on tables that have high concurrency you might have multiple users inserting data and generating some kind… Read More »