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Tackling Corona Virus Long Term

At this point it seems Corona and its impact is here for the long term. As the days go by I see even more people taking extreme measures often out of fear or a lack of understanding the problem. Social media and Whatsapp has played its share too. The spread of Corona can happen through… Read More »

DB Options – ANSI WARNINGS | ANSI PADDING and more In this video we cover multiple database options most of which are fairly easy to understand and don’t really require significant research before being set. Often these settings are enabled by default and Microsoft recommends they remain that way. Some of the options we cover are listed below ANSI WARNINGS – Must be set… Read More »

DB Options: SET ANSI Nulls ANSI NULLS dictate how SQL Server responds when the equal to (=) operator is used to check for NULLs. Keep in mind that the IS NULL condition works regardless of what ANSI NULL setting is used. When ANSI NULLS are ON using a query like ColA =NULL will not return any results. Setting ANSI… Read More »

DB Options: – ANSI NULL DEFAULT ON Another one of the database options which doesn’t serve any real purpose. As shown in this video the setting is overridden by session level settings so it doesn’t make sense to set it at Database level. This option default the NULLAbility of columns when creating the table or altering it. When set to off… Read More »