Monthly Archives: October 2019

Pattern matching vs Fuzzy Lookup in SQL Server

I recently came across a post in Linkedin about a script that performs Pattern Matching or “Fuzzy Lookup” within TSQL. The Script was definitely an elegant solution to scoring similar words but it still wasn’t exactly Fuzzy Lookup it was pattern matching. Before we continue I guess it will be better to first explain the… Read More »

Tales from the crypt: – Passing multiple int values into a variable

Reference Post I was browsing through the forums and found this question being asked. While the reason for the error is fairly obvious I felt it needed further investigation so here it is. The question being asked is why does the below query work While the next one fails Naturally anyone with any TSQL… Read More »

Generating TPC H data for testing

A common requirement I have is to generate test data. Sometimes for trainings and sometimes for consulting work. As you may have seen from many previous video and blogs typically use Airlines Ontime dataset for large databases and Mockaroo for smaller datasets. However recently I wanted to try and see if I could achieve comparable… Read More »