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SQL 2019- Script for working with Resumable online indexes

Below is the script used in the video demonstrating Resumable online indexes feature in SQL 2019. [codesyntax lang=”tsql”] use master IF Exists (select 1 from sys.databases where name =’ResumableIX’) BEGIN DROP DATABASE ResumableIX END Create database resumableix go Use ResumableIX go Create table resumableIxtbl ( Id int identity(1,1) , customername varchar(100), somerandomtext varchar(1000)) GO… Read More »

Tuple Mover Basics and the Updateable Columnstore index

When Microsoft introduced Columnstore indexes in SQL server 2012 a key limitation was the table could only be read from and not inserted. While the limitation itself has been overcome in subsequent versions of SQL server we need to understand the impact of how they work to explain performance issues when it comes to accessing… Read More »