Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Dunning – Kruger effect

If you don’t know what this means pay attention!! I recently posted a blog about the characteristics of a senior DBA. One of the points mentioned there was how Senior DBA are often left with a feeling that they have only scratched the surface. At the time I didn’t know this was a scientifically proven… Read More »

A ton of MS E-books to download

I am not sure how many other users have visited this blog but it’s been one of my go to places when I wanted to read up on a particular topic. Tons of e-books available to avid reader of IT literature. Updated link below NEW DOWNLOAD LINK Old link

Renaming all columns in a table quickly

Recently imported a table where the column names where quoted using double quotes which then became the table names , So a column name would be “Airline” instead of Airline. Here is a simple script to rename all the columns in all tables within a database. [codesyntax lang=”tsql”] select ‘[‘+TABLE_SCHEMA+’]’+’.[‘+TABLE_NAME+’].[‘+COLUMN_NAME+’]’ as oldcolname, replace(COLUMN_NAME, ‘”‘,” )… Read More »